Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Stanley Cup Final by Numbers

So here we go - The 2011 Stanley Cup Final. The Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. Let's make the prediction on the winner after some numbers fun, shall we?

  • 87 - The amount of years the Boston Bruins have been in the NHL.

  • 40 - The amount of years the Vancouver Canucks have been in the NHL.

  • 40 - the amount of years the Canucks have been Cupless.

  • 39 - the amount of years the Boston Bruins have been Cupless.

  • 5 - The amount of times Boston has lost a Stanley Cup final since their last Cup in 1972.

  • 2 - the amount of times Vancouver has lost a Cup Final.

  • 17 - The number of Canadian players on the Boston Bruins roster. Coincidentally, the Vancouver Canucks also have 17 Canadians on their roster. Ironically American born Ryan Kesler wears number 17.

  • 2 - The number of Americans on the Boston Bruins roster.

  • 5 - The number of Americans on the Vancouver Canucks. So dear Boston fans, if you chant "USA" at the Stanley Cup Finals like you have been known to do previously, you will actually be cheering more Canuck players then Bruins players so kindly STFU and save yourself the embarrassment.

  • 2 - the amount of 2010 Olympic gold medalists playing in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final - Center Patrice Bergeron of Boston and goalie Roberto Luongo of Vancouver both played for Team Canada last year. Coincidentally there are also 2 Olympic silver medalists playing in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final - Center Ryan Kesler of Vancouver and goalie Tim Thomas of Boston both played for Team USA last year.

  • 21 - The number of points Henrik Sedin has in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

  • 54 - The amount of wins the Canucks had in the regular season. Unfortunately, none of those wins were against Boston. We played them once in regular season and lost.

  • 18 - The amount of games it took BOTH the Bruins and Canucks to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals. Canucks went to 7 against Hawks, 6 against Preds and 5 against Sharks. Bruins went 7 against Habs, 4 against Flyers and 7 against Tampa. This means, theorectically the Canucks are getting stronger with every series and the bruins are not.

  • 63 - the amount of penalties the bruins have taken in the post season.

  • 28 - the percentage number (28%) of goals the Canucks have scored on PPs in post-season.

  • 61 - the number of Power Play chances the Bruins have had in the Stanley Cup Playoffs to score.

  • 5 - the number of power plays goals the Bruins managed to score on 61 chances

  • 4 - the amount of facts directly above this one that make it clear that if the Bruins do not play 5-on-5 hockey they will lose the Stanley Cup. (and I'm okay with that).

  • And last but not least: 5 - the number of games I think it will take the Vancouver Canucks to win the Stanley Cup Final against the Boston Bruins.


  1. Nice stats, except the last point! ;-)

  2. Well, isn't this lovely...and theory doesn't always pan out. Better luck next time.