Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 2010 Olympic Do-Over

I don't know why I'm bloggin about this.... I'm too emotionally involved to give you any kind of logical, rational prediction.

I want Team Canada to win.

I need Team Canada to win.

Team Canada MUST win.

Team Canada WILL win.

They are playing the most consistent team in the tournament (USA). They are playing the best goalie in the tournament (Miller). Team Canada themselves, arguably the most inconsistent team in the tournament. (Exhibit A; they smoked Russian like they were Pee Wee Rec leaguers but barely get by the Swiss and Slovakia). They start every first period (except Russia) like they are Pee Wee Rec Leaguers.

Yes, player against player, we have the absolute best of the best. If this was a one-on-one skills tourney tomorrow, we'd win gold. But it's not.

Maybe picking superstars isn't the best idea. Maybe there are too many leaders and not enough followers. Lord knows they haven't gelled - at least not enough.... not like the Americans.

But we've already played the USA once and it was by no means a blowout. And now we know what they've got...and what they don't. More importantly we know what we have to bring - effort, skill and determination-wise - in order to win. Also, the goalies made the difference in the last match-up and we've got a new goalie.

So you know what?

Team Canada will win.

Because they are capable of a win.

Because we need them to win.

Because we want them to win.

Because they want to win.

Team Canada will win the Mens Hockey Gold Medal.

I believe.

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